Furniture Cleaning Staten Island

While glass topped dinner tables are chic to look at, they should be taken care of very well. If you have a fancy center table with decorative legs or have a bar that need to be cleaned, and yet you are scared of cleaning it, then it is time you called us. Pick up the phone and dial. Soon our trained professional would arrive at your home to clean the furniture. Whether you have purchased your furniture from a flea market or from a big store or even if from an antique store, if it is not cleaned and kept free from dust mites, then you would soon have to say it goodbye. The mites might eat up the entire structure and soon enough, the entire structure of the shelf or table or even cots might break down. We, from Furniture Cleaning Staten Island would take care of your furniture and have it given to you totally debugged.



Call us for Super-effective cleanup:

We, from Furniture Cleaning Staten Island work in the zip code of 10306 and in area codes of 646, 718, and 917. Our services are very intensive and methodical and we, from Furniture Cleaning Staten Island would firstly remove the stubborn and deep stains. Depending on the material of the wood and its quality, we would use the cleaning solvents. This would take care of the stains only. Then we would remove the mites, bugs and roaches and then we would proceed to wash the glass doors or table tops with care, and then the main shelf or legs of the table. Using our advanced tools, we would even clean dirt from between the cracks or designs carved on wood.

We, from Furniture Cleaning Staten Island would make sure that the furniture is totally sanitized and deodorized for and it remains so for a long time to come.