Rug Cleaning Staten Island

Is the Oriental rug in your living room looking dull and needs a wash immediately? Superficial dusts might go away with a day of brushing or dusting any day. But it is indeed a task to remove the rug and have it cleaned inside out. The rugs that are usually laid wall-to-wall might need to be removed from their tacks, washed, and then reset back on the same place. So, these things you may not be able to do. So, the best thing to do is call us for Rug cleaning Staten Island. We offer our expert services in and around the zip code of 10303 and in area code of 718. Call us and get attractive discount on your first wash.



Amazing deep clean for removing all dirt:

Removing dust is one thing, and removing stubborn stains is totally another thing. We understand that when food or alcohol or even inks or oil spills, it cannot be removed so easily from a rug; and more so if you also have stains and odor of pet sweat and urine on your rug. So, the first thing that we, from Rug cleaning Staten Islandwould do is clean up the stains and make sure all the deepest stains are removed and then we step up to wash the rugs so that there is no little trace of any dirt or stain or odor in it. We, from Rug cleaning Staten Islandwould also offer to replace the padding canvas or repair the rugs.

Our methods would ensure that the colors of the hand-woven threads do not go and they get back the fresh new look after the wash. We, from Rug cleaning Staten Island are known for being very prompt in our cleaning process and you will get fresh smelling, stain-free rugs for your home or office!